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‘Tokyo Vice’: Fan-Favorite Star Unpacks Season 2 Finale Fate and Future

[This story contains spoilers from the season two finale of Tokyo Vice.] Many heroes brought down ruthless yakuza crime lord Shinzo Tozawa (Ayumi Tanida) in the season two finale of Tokyo Vice. But for many faithful fans of the Japan-set and American-produced crime drama on Max, watching Akiro Sato (played by Show Kasamatsu), the young […]

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Boss Can Finally Talk About That Ending, “A Joke 26 Years in the Making”

[This story contains major spoilers from the series finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm, “No Lessons Learned.”] Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s ending was long in the making. After 12 seasons and more than 20 years, Larry David’s HBO comedy gem signed off on Sunday night with a classic callback to the Seinfeld series finale, which aired in […]

‘The Regime’ Creator on Crafting an Ending to Kate Winslet’s Reign

[This story contains major spoilers from The Regime‘s finale.] Will Tracy initially wrote the lead character of The Regime as a man. But then he used a writer’s trick: change one thing in the script and see what comes of it. “It seemed to present a lot of interesting possibilities,” the series creator told The […]

After Rick and Michonne’s Reunion, Where Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Universe Go Next?

[This story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.] Years after his presumed death, Rick Grimes is not only alive and well, but fully back in action. By the end of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, the Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira-starring and produced limited series, the powerhouse duo of Rick […]

‘Mary & George’ Bosses on the Mother-Son Duo That Infiltrated King James’ Royal Court

[This story contains spoilers from the series premiere of Mary & George.] In 2018, while flicking through the LGBTQ+ section of a copy of Time Out magazine, television producer Liza Marshall found a listing for a lecture about the sexuality of James VI and I, who reigned as the king of Scotland from 1567 to […]

‘The New Look’ Boss Says Finale Isn’t the End for Dior, Reveals Potential Season 2 Plans and Beyond

Star Ben Mendelsohn reflects on Dior's shifting survival instincts and the extent to which his sister's capture and return affected the designer's career.

Ricky Martin on His Return to TV in ‘Palm Royale’: “I’d Be Stupid to Say No”

[This story contains spoilers from the fifth episode of Palm Royale, “Maxine Shakes the Tree.”] Despite a rocky start to their relationship in Apple TV+’s 1969 comedy Palm Royale, as time goes on, series lead Maxine Dellacorte-Simmons (Kristen Wiig) and Robert (Ricky Martin), a closeted bartender at the exclusive Palm Royale beach club, form an […]

‘Tokyo Vice’ Bosses on That Violent Ending and Having an Idea for Season 3

[This story contains major spoilers from the finale of season two of Tokyo Vice, “Endgame.”] Shinzo Tozawa (Ayumi Tanida) had dreams of becoming the one supreme oyabun (leader) of the yakuza crime syndicate in Japan. In the season two finale of Tokyo Vice (now streaming on Max), those dreams ended with his violent demise — […]

‘Loot’ Creators Spill on Guest Stars and Downsizing (Sorta) in Season 2 of Maya Rudolph Comedy

[This story contains spoilers from the Loot season two premiere, “Space for Everyone.”] While most everyday people struggle to get enough money, Maya Rudolph wrestles with giving all of hers away when she returns as Molly Novak in the season two premiere of Loot, now streaming on AppleTV+. In the season one finale of the […]

‘Quiet on Set’ Directors Return With Bonus Episode and Reveal Their Cameras Are Still Rolling

With ID’s Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV becoming an overnight ratings hit for Investigation Discovery and Max, attention has now turned to a forthcoming fifth episode of the docuseries that promises to dig deeper into the toxic allegations swirling around Dan Schneider’s years at Nickelodeon. On Thursday, Turner Networks, ID & […]

How Did ‘9-1-1’ Make It to 100 Episodes? “It’s Characters That You Want in Your Living Room”

When 9-1-1 co-creator Tim Minear signed up on Twitter (now known as X), he chose a telling handle to denote his legacy as a screenwriter and director: @Cancelledagain. “I was sort of infamous for all of my thundering failures over the years,” explains Minear. “Firefly lasted one season, Terriers one season, The Inside one season, […]

Alex Edelman Knows There’s Power in the Third Rail

Alex Edelman’s go-to order at Barney Greengrass is whitefish on an everything bagel with a side of scrambled eggs. The Upper West Side institution isn’t exactly his local haunt — he lives out of a blue Samsonite bag these days — but this New York deli is a magnet for the Boston-born comic. “It’s where […]

How ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Manifested Bruce Springsteen’s Postponed Tour — and Expect Series Finale “Boomerangs”

[This story contains spoilers from season 12, episode nine of Curb Your Enthusiasm, “Ken/Kendra.”] Life imitated art again with the latest Curb Your Enthusiasm. Or, if you ask show boss Jeff Schaffer, “life imitated silly art.” The silly art he is referring to is when Curb‘s Larry David (played by the real Larry David) gave […]

Jonathan Nolan Is Ready to Unleash ‘Fallout’ and Finish ‘Westworld’

Jonathan Nolan has co-written some of the finest genre films of the 21st century (from The Prestige to Interstellar to The Dark Knight) and co-showrun one of the most groundbreaking sci-fi TV shows ever made (Westworld). Now, he’s back — this time as director and executive producer of Amazon’s dramatic adaptation of the blockbuster Fallout […]

“I’m Scared”: Why It’s a Brutal Time to Be a TV Writer

Emily Cheever’s career was just getting started.  The 36-year-old began her TV writing career in 2020 as a writers’ production assistant and script coordinator for Legends of Tomorrow before getting hired as a staff writer for ABC’s The Company You Keep. After the drama that marked Milo Ventimiglia’s follow-up to This Is Us was canceled following a single season shortly after the […]

TV Premiere Dates 2024: The Complete Guide

Hundreds of TV series — new and old, scripted and not, on streaming, broadcast and cable outlets — will premiere in the next 12 months. As production ramped up in the final weeks 2023 following the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, pipelines started to get refilled, which could lead to a crush of premieres in […]